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Frederick Magazine

Mark McKay is possibly the most accomplished songwriting son that you’ve never heard of adding to the vocabulary of the American songbook.

All Music Guide

…pleasant balance between the tunefulness of Freedy Johnston and the open sound of Matthew Sweet…an artist who understands how to craft memorable, interesting songs.

San Francisco Bay Moniter

Mark McKay is poised on the cusp of bigger things.

Paste Magazine

…expect great things from the studio album he’s currently working on with producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel.

The Washington Post

…considerable talent in quiet and affecting settings.

No Depression

…adrenalized honesty.

Indiana Daily Journal

Roots rock with a surreal twist.

Meredith Ochs, NPR

Mark’s stuff is roots rockin’, but the lead track is a little more on the pop tip, it’s got a great hook.

Village Voice

Literate and understated, subtle and charged, Mark McKay makes music that fits alongside the likes of Steve Earle and Springsteen; an alt country force.

Harp Magazine

The power-pop melancholy of Matthew Sweet, alt country throttle of Uncle Tupelo, and tattered insights of Townes Van Zandt all rolled into one potent little number.